Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About The Way I See 'It'

This is my blog about my hobby of taking pictures. I love to take pictures, I carry a camera with me most everywhere I go. If I don't have a camera I always have my Blackberry Storm 2. All of life's events are reasons to take pictures. I have taken one photography class at PCC a few or actually several years ago. I own 2 cameras, a Nikon digital SLR and a point and shoot Canon digital. I follow a lot of photography blogs and am always reading about great photography and the latest cameras and equipment.
I shoot pictures the same way I attack my papercrafting/.card making...to hell with the 'rules' I want to know how it looks....if it doesn't look good then I don't like it. I create by 'eye'....it's just me and how I do things. I am always learning and never claim to know it all, I probably know very little to be honest. I hope you will enjoy looking at my photo's and reading about the stories that go along with them. Watch as I improve my skills, feel free to jump in with tips and advice. Let me know how you see 'it'.

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