Friday, March 30, 2012


I had a fun and damp, chilly, windy night out taking photo's of Neon signs with my dear friend Rachel and my new friend Cliff! I really want to do this walking/driving tour of Neon signs again in nicer and dryer weather. It was good practice for taking night shots, I still have so much to learn but practice is key to learning. I hope you enjoy some of these night time shots.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family Night out to dinner

My family decided to get together and go out for pizza. My oldest son, his wife and their 2 little boys, Me and the 3 teens living at home, 1 teen boyfriend and add one family friend....8 adults and 2 little ones all out for pizza,conversation and laughter! We chose our favorite local pizza place Messenger Pizza in downtown Nampa, ID! Here are some random and fun shots I got during dinner.
a glass of 'Old Rasputin' dark beer and our table tag, JFK this is how staff brings your order to your table.
My daughter Rebecca and her boyfriend Skyler
My daughter Maddie and our large cheese pizza, now that my friends is one large pizza!!
Umbrellas of different colors and designs hang from the ceiling light fixtures.
Maddie and 1 'slice'of our large pizza!
Here is half the gang at our table eating and talking and enjoying some real quality family time!
Messenger Pizza logo on their door...Thanks for a great meal and awesome value Messenger Pizza!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I went to a cool little antique and collectibles sale with my great friend Rachel yesterday! I bought a super cool retro style chrome and Formica table for $45! My daughter Maddie got a cool vintage style apron and I took a few shots of interesting items at the sale. Here they are....enjoy!