Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day in the Mountains

This is my dog, Rascal, he is a short legged JRT, he loved exploring through the tall grass today. I drove the kids to Crouch, ID today for a little get away. We stopped at a primitive camp site and spent the afternoon wading, lunching and taking pictures.

My 12 year old son, Nash, and Rascal sat down for lunch, I was trying to quickly sneak this picture and didn't check the settings on my camera, so the grass is in focus and they are the background...I liked the effect anyway and this is one of my fave pics from today.

Nash just thought these wildflowers were the best ever! I got up close and personal to capture as many details as possible.

Rebecca was kicking back on the roof of my SUV. I wish she would just once look at the camera so I could try to capture how beautiful she is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Track meets

My daughter, Rebecca was in track for both 7th and 8th grades. She is not a fan of me and my camera showing up at her meets. I am however a fan of trying to capture her in action.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full Moon

These were taken in February sometime. I love to try and capture the beauty of the full moon. Night pictures are the hardest for me. Practice, practice, practice! They may not be the best quality pictures but I love them anyway. i know the moon was exceptionally large and bright this particular night, which is why I felt compelled to capture it in pictures.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

jan 2010

Old Barns and buildings

I travel to Pendleton, OR several times a year, it is the pick up drop off point for my 12 yeard old son who lives with his dad in OR. Along the way we always see old buildings, houses and barns. I love the character in these structures. They are a part of history and I love to stop and snap pics of them as I travel. Here are a few of the buildings/barns I have been able to stop and shoot so far.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My picture hobby became more serious when it was time for my daughter, Maddie to have senior portraits and we had no money for professional portraits. I was convinced that if we went out and shot enough pictures that surely we could come up with a few that we could use for senior portraits. Here are a few of my favorite ones from dozens of pictures.

About The Way I See 'It'

This is my blog about my hobby of taking pictures. I love to take pictures, I carry a camera with me most everywhere I go. If I don't have a camera I always have my Blackberry Storm 2. All of life's events are reasons to take pictures. I have taken one photography class at PCC a few or actually several years ago. I own 2 cameras, a Nikon digital SLR and a point and shoot Canon digital. I follow a lot of photography blogs and am always reading about great photography and the latest cameras and equipment.
I shoot pictures the same way I attack my papercrafting/.card hell with the 'rules' I want to know how it looks....if it doesn't look good then I don't like it. I create by 'eye''s just me and how I do things. I am always learning and never claim to know it all, I probably know very little to be honest. I hope you will enjoy looking at my photo's and reading about the stories that go along with them. Watch as I improve my skills, feel free to jump in with tips and advice. Let me know how you see 'it'.